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We invite you to learn more about all of the vegetables, herbs and fruits we grow at Phoenix Gardens.  Meet the people who grow your food

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You can purchase our great products in a variety of ways.  From on farm purchases to wholesale orders, here's how to buy our stuff.

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Rising From the Ashes

The loss of our home to a devastating fire has been a real life lesson on the why it's important to build resiliency into not only our farm but also into our growing local food systems.



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Supporting Locally Grown Food Since 2005

Brennan and Gwendolyn Washington started Phoenix Gardens to help bring wholesome, locally grown food to our community.  Since then, we have not only transformed our gardens into a model of sustainable urban agriculture but also helped to advance the growth of local food systems in Georgia and throughout the Southeast.

At Phoenix Gardens, we grow great produce in environmentally sustainable ways.  From nutritious greens to juicy tomatoes, we aim to bring you the best in local produce. We sell directly to consumers in a variety of channels including on farm sales, farmers markets and online markets.  We are also growing our wholesale and restaurant sales channels.

At Phoenix Gardens, we not only grow great local food, we also help grow local food systems.  We were instrumental in helping to build farmers markets in Georgia and Brennan has been a tireless advocate for farmers and local food systems throughout the southeast.  After suffering a devastating fire in 2015 which caused us to suspend our farming operation, we are happy to be be back growing nutritious food for our customers.

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