Fresh Produce

Phoenix grows a wide range of fresh vegetables, herbs and fruit.  Our Certified Naturally Grown (CNG) produce is grown using organic methods.  We typically have produce available year round.


Farm Fresh Eggs

We raise healthy laying hens that are allowed to graze freely and that are not treated with any hormones or fed GMO grain

Hot Sauce

Value-Added Products

From jams and jellies to pickles and preserves, we turn a lot of our locally grown produce into delicious products from the table.


Educational Offerings

We periodically offer training courses on a variety of small farming and gardening subjects.  You can also come and learn by participating in one of our volunteer days.

Organic Products for the Small Farmer & Home Gardener

Phoenix Gardens through an association with Seven Springs carries a wide range of organic products for small scale sustainable farms and home gardeners.  These products include organic fertilizers and pest controls, animal supplements and farm supplies such as row covers and fencing.

7 Springs